Green Dragon Airways Airline Poster

Still having fun recreating vintage style airline posters from days of yore. Here’s my latest creation; an advert for a fictional “Green Dragon Airways.”


My Attempt at Drawing a De Havilland Comet

Based off a vintage Canadian Pacific Airways poster and recreated in Adobe Illustrator from scratch. My version has the airline renamed as, "Trans Pacific Airways."

The aircraft depicted is the De Havilland Comet; the world's first jetliner.


First Attempt at Reproducing a Comic Book Cover

I’ve been trying some different styles and techniques, while working to produce more complex pieces with the Adobe Illustrator software. Here is a recent project I completed attempting to recreate an outstanding bit of cover art for a comic book character called “Lobster Johnson.”

I’m unfamiliar with the comic book industry and just happened to stumble across some great aviation comic book art while researching those old vintage airline posters from the 1950s and 1960s.

A faithful reproduction of a “Lobster Johnson” comic book cover from 2014.

A faithful reproduction of a “Lobster Johnson” comic book cover from 2014.

Sailboat Poster Replica

I’m a huge fan of the Orlin Culture Shop and the artist there: Brian Edward Miller. His latest commissioned work was so good I had to try my hand at recreating it in Adobe Illustrator. While my version is definitely an inferior copy, I was pleased with the results and continued to learn some new tricks on shading and textures in the Adobe Illustrator software.

My Version

My Version

And here is the original masterpiece by Brian Edward Miller. His work can be found on and here:

Brian’s official website:

Brian Edward Miller Orlin Culture Shop Commission.PNG

Sasquatch National Park Map V3.0

I went all in on V3.0 trying to replicate a national park style map and used a real map for Grand Teton National Park from: as a guide to improving my fictional "Sasquatch National Park." Lots of references to westerns, action films, video games and classic 80s movies for many of the placenames. I went for humor on the pictograms, so they differ slightly from actual government produced maps! Constructive criticism always welcome; thanks! This cartographic work was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

Sasquatch-National-Park-Map V3.0.png


I’ve always found the persistent support and humor for Sasquatch amusing, and decided to make my own contribution to the cause! #IBelieve #Sasquatch #BigFoot #Colorado

Colorado Sasquatch Logo.jpg

Another Hypsometric Style Map

Building out a modern looking icon set and implementing a rudimentary road atlas highway system with this latest piece. Created entirely in Adobe Illustrator. Feedback appreciated!

Halycon Isles.png

New Year. New Cartographic Endeavor.

Decided to try my hand at producing a fictional, topographic style map. Aefeross was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator and took about four days of off and on work to complete.