Sasquatch National Park Map V3.0

I went all in on V3.0 trying to replicate a national park style map and used a real map for Grand Teton National Park from: as a guide to improving my fictional "Sasquatch National Park." Lots of references to westerns, action films, video games and classic 80s movies for many of the placenames. I went for humor on the pictograms, so they differ slightly from actual government produced maps! Constructive criticism always welcome; thanks! This cartographic work was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

Sasquatch-National-Park-Map V3.0.png


I’ve always found the persistent support and humor for Sasquatch amusing, and decided to make my own contribution to the cause! #IBelieve #Sasquatch #BigFoot #Colorado

Colorado Sasquatch Logo.jpg

Another Hypsometric Style Map

Building out a modern looking icon set and implementing a rudimentary road atlas highway system with this latest piece. Created entirely in Adobe Illustrator. Feedback appreciated!

Halycon Isles.png

New Year. New Cartographic Endeavor.

Decided to try my hand at producing a fictional, topographic style map. Aefeross was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator and took about four days of off and on work to complete.


Seventh Cartographic Effort

I used Photoshop and Illustrator exclusively to make this map.  I tried my hand at heraldry and creating a whirlpool on this map.  Feedback welcome!



This started as an inked 8.5"x11" sheet of paper scanned into Photoshop.  Some of the labeling was done in Illustrator, but almost everything else is Photoshop.

I did not use any templates or brush sets; everything including the castle icons are created from scratch.  A lot of inspiration from the cartographer's guild, Jared Blando's, "How To Draw Fantasy Art & ROG Maps" book, and WASD20's YouTube channel.

Map of Ardernaas Smaller.png

Fourth Attempt at a Fantasy Map Created Using Photoshop

This started as a hand drawn map with the rest of the elements being added in using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  I'm pretty new to Photoshop, so it was easier to do much of the artwork in Illustrator and just cut and paste it all into the Photoshop project in a series of layers.  Lots of inspiration from tutorials on YouTube from WASD20, Helen Bradley, et al. and from Jared Blando's, "How To Draw Fantasy Map & RPG Maps."


Third Attempt at a Fantasy Map in Photoshop

Here were the steps involved. 1) hand drawn map inked on a standard 8.5 x 11" paper. 2) Labeling and decorative elements added in Adobe Illustrator. 3) Following an outstanding tutorial by Marty Geller at Blue Lightning TV here:



Feedback appreciated.


Second Attempt at Photoshop MapMaking

After a lot of tutorials, online advice and a lot of trial and error, I've completed a second cartographic endeavor in Adobe Photoshop.  I started with an inked map as a base, painted the map in Photoshop and finished the details like the border and fancy banner in Adobe Illustrator.


Geopolitics and Wargames

I'll be using a world politics simulator in my geopolitics class involving the fictional world of "Politica" created by Professor Brock F. Tessman.  I created this fancy advert to get the students' creative wargaming juices going.  Reading through Dr. Tessman's rules and scenarios, it looks like nuclear weapons, oil, and war are likely to be big parts of the simulation.

I had made a few of the icons in previous projects, but really pulled a lot together over about six hours to produce this in some of my spare time.  I used both Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Powerpoint to create the final image seen here.

Politica Wargame Advert.jpg